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  • “Santorini Time” is a Xronos word clock that captures the essence of the Greek isle’s tranquil beauty. Its palette of blues and whites echoes the iconic architecture and shimmering seas of Santorini, offering a serene backdrop to the passage of time.

  • “Mati”, the Greek term for ‘eye,’ represents a pinnacle of artistic craftsmanship within the Xronos word clock collection. Commissioned by a renowned ophthalmologist for his office, this clock has quickly risen to be the most popular version among the series. 

  • “Pollclock” captures the dynamic, free-flowing essence of Jackson Pollock’s action painting in a functional art piece. Splashes of color and intricate drips create a vibrant backdrop for the passing hours, turning every minute into an encounter with abstract expressionism.

  • “Starry Nighttime” captures the enchanting beauty of the night sky. Inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” this clock features a mesmerizing swirl of blues and yellows, with the words for the hours and minutes elegantly woven into the celestial backdrop, transforming the act of reading time into an artistic journey.

  • This clock isn’t just about keeping time; it’s about celebrating the vibrant pulse of contemporary life. Graffitime – 57×57 – Acrylic paint on steel Available in English, French or Greek

  • Archaia texture collection

    The “Archaia” is a modern homage to the relics of yesteryear, featuring a beautifully oxidized copper finish that evokes the mystique of ancient Greece. Its natural patina, reminiscent of age-old bronze sculptures, makes each clock uniquely enchanting, just as an artifact unearthed from the past.

  • halkos-texture-collecton

    "Halkos" clock, taking its name from the Greek word for copper, blends the timeless patina of this noble metal with the modern clarity of digital design. Its coppery surface acts as a warm backdrop to the lit words that mark the hours, providing an ambient glow that complements any decor. Evoking the durability and luster of copper, the "Halkos" clock is a statement of both tradition and elegance, a striking synthesis of ancient material and contemporary form.

  • Xioni on wall clock

    “Xioni”, named after the Greek word for snow, boasts a minimalist design that reflects the tranquility of a snow-covered landscape. The clock’s surface is as pure and white as untouched snow, with words that light up in a gentle array of colors to gracefully indicate the time.

  • "Skotini Yli," meaning 'dark matter' in Greek, is an all-black timepiece that embodies elegance and mystery. This clock's sleek, monochromatic design creates a striking yet understated presence, making it a versatile addition to any modern space.